Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dingad (JD-3) The Baby Boy

Being the baby of the family sometimes has it advantages.  Around 900 AD I am not sure it would be all that helpful.  Your older brothers would certainly be in battle before you, but you did have equal rights to claim your fathers lands and titles.  Dingad (JC-3) was the youngest son of Tudor Trevor (JC-1).  The following figure shows his documentation.  His wife was named Cicely (Sysli) (JD-7).

Generation 28 from the beginning of the family tree, but the 4th generation from Gadforch (JA-1) who seems to be the first to settle in this area of Wales.  As late as 1584, a field of Dingad is documented. [Eryn Dingad].   It was located near Selattyn - Porkington, and in the "muniments of title" Shropshire it is called " breath between the field called Eryn Dingad and the mountain their...".  This area falls between the narrowest part of the River Dee and the River Severn which has been shown in previous posts.  How the baby of the family settled in this very strategic location is yet to be uncovered, but this branch becomes the lineage of my JONES family between the field and the mountains there.

Reference found in: Muniments of Title, Shropshire, Selattyn-Porkington, Catalogue Ref. 894 and 1144, ref. 1144/9.  In a collection of deeds and papers relating to the Hanmer family of Pentrepant.  Future relatives, this Hanmer family!