Friday, December 14, 2012

Jeuaf (JH-1)

The third son of Ninnian (JG-1) is the next branch along my JONES family tree.  He is the 8th generation from Gadforch (JA-1). [The 32nd generation from Beli Mwar.]  His wife was Efa (JH-18) [also spelled Eva] from Arwystli, which is a branch of the eldest son.  Thus the baby of the family, Dingad (JD-3) marries into the family of the eldest, Gronwy (JD-1).  [The eldest branch becomes known as the tribe of Elystan Glodrydd (JF-6) with a distinct history of its own.]

To place Jeuaf (JH-1) [also spelled Ieva ] in a larger picture, the following figure shows Ninnian(JG-1) in the family tree with his three sons.  The two oldest sons are not named, and most likely died before 1146 AD.  Jeuaf (JH-1) is united with the eldest branch which had settled in an area between the Wye and Severn Rivers.  This would place the land of Dingad (JD-3), north of the Severn, in continued support of the eldest branch.

This was certainly a period of conflict between the Normans, Anglo-Saxons, and Welsh.  But somehow, the family tree made its way through.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ninnian (JG-1)

The death of Cynrig (JF-1) must have been important to the early writers of Wales.  His death, and the reprisal from his 1st cousins, is recorded in a number of sources. [ See Maund : pp. 4, 6, 93, 94 ]
The figure below shows the sons of Cynrig (JF-1).  Ninnian (JG-1) is the branch to my JONES family.

During this time period, the fighting age among the Welsh culture was 14.  Since the 1st cousins of Cynrig (JF-1) carried out the family revenge on his killers, his sons must have all been under fighting age.  This would place their birth after 1060 AD [ 1073 - 14 = 1059 ]  Certainly a rough time to grow up in Wales.  The brothers of Ninnian (JG-1) each produce their own family lines which include the line of Broughton (Ednyfed JG-15), and the line of Lloid (David JG-13).

The sons of Rhys Sais (JG-4) are shown in the following figure.  They are through the second son of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) and would have become the senior branch of the family tree. [ Oldest son had daughtered out.]

There names are as follows:  Tydyr (JH-6) , Elidir (JH-5) and Bleddyn (JH-4).  This Tydyr is the one named in Domesday Survery!  I add their names to the books of history which to this time have only given them as "the sons of Rhys Sais".