Saturday, November 16, 2013

Edward Turner Jones (JAA-3)

The mouth of Red River joined three counties.  Estill, Madison, and Clark counties connected here.  All three of these counties played a role in the life of Edward Turner Jones.  He was born in Madison (Science Hill), married a gal from Estill (just across the river), and moved to Clark County. (Just across the river on the other side.)  This location was just "up river" from that place called Boonesborough were Ellen Dorcas Henderson had her roots from that fellow named Col. Richard Henderson.

Here they are.  My grandfather must have been in the oven when this picture was taken because his older sister Nona Lee was just about the right age of his birth.

A saddle bag can be seen lying on the porch behind.  Say hello to Edward Turner and Ellen Doras early in their married years near the mouth of Red River.