Friday, February 22, 2013

Howel (JM-1)

Howel of Llwyn-Onn is the next generation.

His wife is recorded in Nicholas (p.355) as Margaret of Pengwern.  The name "Pengwern" must have been taken from the "capital" [family seat] of the Cornovii, for in Davis [A History of Wales pp.63-65] he discusses this term in the territory of the Cornovii.  Some feel this was originally located at present Shrewsbury, but it is a Welsh name given to several sites. [See A Gazetteer of Welsh Place-Names, p.93]  At any rate, Margaret seems to be from the same lineage of Tudor Trevor, who settles in the Welsh kingdom of Powys.  Powys was formed from the territory of Cornovii.  How about that for "internal consistency" in the old tree climbing experience.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Llewelyn (JL-1)

Llywelyn the Great died on 11th April, 1240 AD.  It is recorded in Lloyd that the Cistercian annalist wrote: "that great Achilles the Second, the lord Llywelyn...whose deeds I am unworthy to recount." [Lloyd p.226-227]   It was around the death of this Llywelyn that the next in my family line was born.

He was the eldest son of Iorwerth (JK-1), and is recorded as being of Llwyn-Onn.  His wife was Gwenlliam (JL-2) of Bersham.  I suspect that his father wanted him named after Llywelyn the Great [Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Drwyndwn] following this period of Welsh history.  The figure below connects father (JK-1) to son (JL-1) showing a rough dating method.
This method would give his birth around 1230 - 1240 AD, placing his marriage ca. 1250 - 1260 AD.  The name Llewelyn becomes a frequent choice among the family tree branches.

[For a more detailed discussion of the spelling and chronology of this name see my post "Spellin' Llewelyn" of  2/24/12.]