Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nicholas Jones (JX-33)

Nicholas Jones was born November 14, 1762 in Caroline County, Virginia.  He was the fifth generation to have lived in this area of Virginia since 1673.  The county names had changed several times, but the family resided in the same geographic area.

He moved the family to the state of Kentucky in 1811.  My favorite document of all times is the signature of Nicholas appearing on original court document dated the 26th of July 1832.  This was to place him on the Revolutionary War pension roll of the state of Kentucky.  A copy of this signature is shown below.

What a deal!  A life lived some one hundred and eighty-one years ago coming through the pages of history.  Hello Nicholas Jones, thanks for bring us to this Bluegrass State.

My complete genealogical information can be found in my research notebooks RN #147, and RN #147A