Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Names: Welsh to English T - W

For the letters "T" to the end of the Welsh alphabet "W" :

                              Welsh Name                                          English Translation 
                                   Tegid                                                       Tacitus
                                   Timotheus                                               Timothy
                                   Tomos                                                     Thomas, Tom
                                   Trystan                                                    Tristan,  Tristram
                                   Tudur                                                       Tudor
                                   Twm                                                        Thomas, Tom
                                   Wmffre                                                    Humphrey
                                   Y Santes Fair                                           Saint Mary

Please note from this series of posts on Welsh first names, that the Welsh language does not have the English letters  k, q, v, x or z.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Names : Welsh to English S

Welsh names continue for the letter "S".

                      Welsh Name                                                       English Translation  

                         Selyf                                                                    Solomon
                         Siam                                                                    James
                         Siams                                                                  James
                         Siams                                                                  James
                         Sian                                                                     Jane
                         Siani                                                                    Jane
                         Siarl                                                                     Charles
                         Siarlymaen                                                          Charlemagne
                         Sieffre                                                                  Geoffrey
                         Siencyn                                                                Jenkin
                         Sion                                                                      John
                         Sioned                                                                  Janet
                         Sioni                                                                     John
                         Sionyn                                                                  John
                         Sior                                                                       George
                         Siors                                                                     George
                         Steffan                                                                  Stephen

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Names: Welsh to English O-R

The names continue:

                          Welsh Names                                                 English Translation

                           Ofydd                                                               Ovid
                           Oswalt                                                              Oswald
                           Owain                                                               Owen
                           Padrig                                                               Patrick 
                           Pawl                                                                  Paul
                           Pawl Hen                                                          Paulinus
                           Pedr                                                                  Peter
                           Peredur                                                             Perceval
                           Phylip                                                               Philip
                           Prys                                                                   Price
                           Puw                                                                   Pugh
                           Pyrs                                                                   Pierce
                           Rheinallt                                                           Reginald
                           Rhisiart                                                             Richard
                           Rhonwen                                                          Rowena
                           Rhosier                                                             Rosser, Roger
                           Rhydderch                                                        Roderick
                           Rhys                                                                  Rees, Rice

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Names : Welsh to English M-N

This long list continues:

                Welsh Name                                                 English Translation    
                   Mabli                                                              Mabel
                   Madog                                                            Madoc, Maddock      
                   Mair                                                                Mary  
                   Mali                                                                Molly
                   Mallt                                                               Maud, Matilda
                   Marc                                                               Mark
                   Maredudd                                                       Meredith
                   Marged                                                           Margaret
                   Mari                                                                Mary
                   Mererid                                                           Margaret
                   Meurig                                                            Maurice
                   Mihangel                                                        Michael
                   Modlen                                                           Magdalene
                   Moesen                                                           Moses
                   Moris                                                              Morris
                   Morus                                                             Morys
                   Myrddin                                                          Merlin
                   Neifton                                                           Neptune

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Names : Welsh to English I - L

Please remember that the Welsh alphabet does not have a letter "J"...

                        Welsh Name                                                   English Translation 

                         Iago                                                                        James
                         Ianto                                                                       Evan
                         Iau                                                                          Jupiter, Jove
                         Iesu Grist                                                              Jesus Christ
                         Ieuan                                                                      Evan
                         Ifan                                                                         Evan
                         Ioan                                                                        John
                         Iolo                                                                        (no equivalent)
                         Iorwerth                                                                 (no equivalent)
                         Iwan                                                                        Evan
                         Lawnslot                                                                Launcelot
                         Lefi                                                                         Levi
                         Leisa                                                                       Elizabeth
                         Lisbeth                                                                    Elizabeth
                         Lleucu                                                                     Lucy
                         Lludd                                                                       Lud
                         Llwyd                                                                      Lloyd
                         Llyr                                                                         Lear
                         Llywelyn                                                                 Lewis
                         Lowri                                                                      Laura
                         Luc                                                                          Luke
                         Lug                                                                          Luke

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Names : Welsh to English G - H

Our alphabet soup continues :

                              Welsh Name                                              English Translation      
                                         Garmon                                                     Germanus
                                         Geraint                                                      Gerontius  
                                         Geralit                                                       Gerald
                                         Glyn Dwr                                                  Glendower
                                         Gruffudd                                                   Griffith   
                                         Gruffydd                                                   Griffith 
                                         Guto                                                          Griffith
                                         Gwallter                                                    Walter 
                                         Gwenffrewi                                               Winifred
                                         Gwenfrewi                                                Winifred  
                                         Gwenhwyfar                                             Guinevere
                                         Gwilym                                                     William
                                         Gwladus                                                    Gladys
                                         Gwrtheyrn                                                 Vortigern
                                         Hopcyn                                                      Hopkin
                                         Horas                                                         Horace
                                         Hors                                                           Horsa
                                         Huw                                                           Hugh
                                         Hywel                                                        Howell, Powell

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Names : Welsh to English E-F

The Welsh names continue for the letters E to F:

                                  Welsh Name                                         English Translation 
                                           Edmwnd                                               Edmund
                                           Edwart                                                  Edward
                                           Efa                                                         Eve
                                           Elen                                                       Helen
                                           Elias                                                      Elijah
                                           Eliseus                                                  Elisha
                                           Emrys                                                   Ambrose
                                           Emwnt                                                  Edmund
                                           Esaia                                                     Isaiah
                                           Esyllt                                                    Iseult
                                           Fferyll                                                  Virgil
                                           Fychan                                                 Vaughan
                                           Fyrsil                                                    Virgil