Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Richard Jones (JS-165) To Virginia 1649

Richard Jones (JS-165) was the first of my JONES family to move across the great pond, never to return to the Island.  The move was not his first choice, since he was part of that group forced to leave England after the close of the English Civil War. [ It seems that the family always managed to come down on the wrong side of the fence!]

He is recorded in Gray's Inn Admissions, p.116, folio 609, 1608 as "one of sons of Thomas Jones, of Llanvayer, Co. Denbigh".  [Thomas Jones (JR-180)]  Of course there is a great deal of history to this time in the family tree, and it took a good bit of tree climbing to put things all together.

It was the 13th of March, 1649 that he arrived to the shores of Virginia.  The story is yet to be told.