Thursday, January 4, 2018

Names : Welsh to English S

Welsh names continue for the letter "S".

                      Welsh Name                                                       English Translation  

                         Selyf                                                                    Solomon
                         Siam                                                                    James
                         Siams                                                                  James
                         Siams                                                                  James
                         Sian                                                                     Jane
                         Siani                                                                    Jane
                         Siarl                                                                     Charles
                         Siarlymaen                                                          Charlemagne
                         Sieffre                                                                  Geoffrey
                         Siencyn                                                                Jenkin
                         Sion                                                                      John
                         Sioned                                                                  Janet
                         Sioni                                                                     John
                         Sionyn                                                                  John
                         Sior                                                                       George
                         Siors                                                                     George
                         Steffan                                                                  Stephen

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