Monday, December 13, 2010

Eryri (land of eagles)

For more than 50 years genealogy has been part of my life. With a surname like JONES, it finally became clear that my ancestors began their history in the mountains of Wales. This ancestry has certainly presented its share of challenges. How, what, when , where, and why in the Welsh culture produced many brick walls before me. This blog is intended to help those with Welsh genealogy. I have not found a similar blog open to everyone, so here goes.

Welsh culture is founded upon genealogy. The family group is central to the social structure and its survival, having its roots in Celtic culture. Since JONES is Welsh, I have also started a blog entitled which introduces much of the early history of the Welsh culture. This background is foundational to understanding Welsh genealogy. So let's begin. Anyone with Welsh genealogy, or an interest, is invited to join in the tree climbing.


  1. This should be a great resource for those with Welsh ancestry like myself. Thanks! I run a blog about roots travel, so I just recently posted about a living history museum in Wales your readers might be interested in.

  2. Hello Family Roots Travel, Welcome. What part of Wales does your family originate? How far back have you been able to trace? Living history museums are great!