Friday, February 24, 2012

Spellin' Llywelyn

The spelling of words often change over time. This is especially true when two distinct languages collide over the pages of history. Such is the case with the name "Llywelyn"... "LLewellin"... "Lewelyn"...or however you spell it. A good Welsh name it is. It appears to be derived from the Welsh word "llen" meaning "lion". [ A word often found in pub names!] Among the Welsh, it was taken as a given name, and in the earliest English records spelled it"Leulin". [ Patent Rolls, 1216-1225 AD.] The following is a table showing the spelling of Llywelyn as used over time. The sources are listed in general terms, but a detailed reference is available if requested. The source of the spelling is listed first, followed by the date of publication, followed by the spelling as recorded in the source. Various spellings may have occurred in the same source. Brackets are used to identify center of word. Here goes:

Patent Rolls - 1216-1225 AD - L-E-(U) - L-I-N
LL-E-(WE) -L-I-N

Patent Rolls - 1301 AD - L-E-(WE)-L-Y-N

Dwnn - 1586 - 1613 AD - LL-E-(W{n}) n written as superscript
1846 edition LL- E-(WE)-L-Y-N

Nicholas - 1872 AD - LL-E-(WE)-LL-Y-N

Burke - 1884 edition - LL-E-(WE)-LL-Y-N

Wood - 1903 LL-E-(WE)-LL-I-N

Lloyd - 1911 LL-Y-(WE)-L-Y-N

College of Arms - 1988 LL-E-(WE)-L-Y-N

Maund - 1991 LL-Y-(WE)-L-Y-N

Ashely - 1998 LL-Y-(WE)-L-Y-N

Carpenter - 2003 LL-Y-(WE)-L-Y-N

Mortimer - 2003 LL-Y-(WE)-L-Y-N

From Welsh to English, so go the names.

Research done by The Jones Genalogist, 1980-2005. Any additions please add.

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