Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Last Curtain Call...maybe...

Human occupation of my family's homeland has been dated from around 12,000 BC. In the limestone caves of Cefn-yr-Ogof, Cefn, human bones along with flint flakes [along with the bones of extinct animals] has place this in the earliest period of man's existence in Britain. [The fancy term is Palaeolithic] The rising of the last ice curtain left the land separated by a watery passage now called "The English Channel"!

Left to their own design, i.e., no easy way to escape, the folks appear again around 5,700 BC leaving signs of summer camps among the hills. [Those hunters you know.] Signs of continued occupation continues in the area with Moel Y Gare (several sites) and Brenig (archaeological trails at Brenig, Clwyd) giving record of the continued human occupation.

The figure to the right is my attempt to show the approximate location of the sites listed above. The cluster is in the hills of Clwyd. I have place the modern locations of the boarder towns north to south. Chester in the north, to Gloucester in the south. It must have been the road that allowed access to the mountains where I imagine copper, and those animals would be the major drawing cards.

The last ice curtain has risen, believed between 8,000 - 6,000 BC... is it indeed the last curtain call?

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