Monday, August 27, 2012

Ynyr (JB-1) Rooted in the Soil

The only recorded son of Cadfarch (JA-1) is Ynyr (JB-1).  In one record he is listed as Membyr.  It would seem that there was trouble dealing with this name since it is given as "Honorius or Ynyr" with Ynyr described as "Celtic". [See British Kings and Queens, p. 124, by Mike Ashley]  This name is utilized ca. 510 AD in southern Gwent, and would explain some of the connections to south Wales which appears in the next several generations of my family tree.  It becomes a "Welsh" name used occasionally, with Inigo Jones taking this name.[Much more will be said to document this finding.]  He is described as "Lord of Whittington and both Maelors".  This would simply mean a land owner, but much has been made of these titles.

His consort (wife) was Rhiengar (JB-2), who is described as "heir to Hereford".  Some of her lineage has also been recorded, but is not shown in the figure above.  The references which document Ynyr are given.[Dwnn, Burke, Nicholas]   It would seem that by this generation [second from Cadfarch (JA-1), but 26th generation from the beginning], identification with a specific geographic location had been made.  The family tree becomes rooted in the soil.

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