Friday, November 16, 2012

Cynrig (JF-1)

The Normans had arrived into north Wales.  This certainly added another dimension to the Welsh tribal wars.  J.E. Lloyd in his "A History of Wales from the Norman Invasion to the Edwardian Conquest" describes a conflict between a chieftain from Powys [ Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon of Maelor ] and the folks from Gwynedd. (p. 17)  This conflict lead to his death around 1073 - 1075 AD.  The following chart shows this Cynrig [sp. Cynwrig, Kynfrig ] who is my Cynrig (JF-1).

His spouse is named Judy (JF-2) and in some records listed as Ann.  According to Maund (ref. 7) he was slain in 1075 AD, and according to Nicholas (ref. 6) he was killed 1073 AD.  His death leads to reprisal from some 1st cousins who are called "the sons of Rhys Sais".   The family feuds continue.

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