Thursday, February 7, 2013

Llewelyn (JL-1)

Llywelyn the Great died on 11th April, 1240 AD.  It is recorded in Lloyd that the Cistercian annalist wrote: "that great Achilles the Second, the lord Llywelyn...whose deeds I am unworthy to recount." [Lloyd p.226-227]   It was around the death of this Llywelyn that the next in my family line was born.

He was the eldest son of Iorwerth (JK-1), and is recorded as being of Llwyn-Onn.  His wife was Gwenlliam (JL-2) of Bersham.  I suspect that his father wanted him named after Llywelyn the Great [Llywelyn ab Iorwerth Drwyndwn] following this period of Welsh history.  The figure below connects father (JK-1) to son (JL-1) showing a rough dating method.
This method would give his birth around 1230 - 1240 AD, placing his marriage ca. 1250 - 1260 AD.  The name Llewelyn becomes a frequent choice among the family tree branches.

[For a more detailed discussion of the spelling and chronology of this name see my post "Spellin' Llewelyn" of  2/24/12.]

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