Saturday, March 16, 2013

Robert (JO-1)

Robert ap Edward also married a Margaret.  She was Margaret Eyton (JO-2) of Rhuabon, Co. Denbigh.  He is given as "of Llywn-Onn" and continues the family story of balancing the fence along the border land between Wales and those folks from the other side of the Island.

The following figure tries to shown the border established by the Anglo-Saxons some time in the early 700s.  The first fence was called Wat's Dyke which in the Anglo-Saxon means "guard dyke".  It was followed by Offa's Dyke some years later, and became the flash point for more many struggles.  It was along this border that my family live for many generations.

North to south, east to west, the family survived riding the fence.

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