Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thomas Jones (JR-180)

Thomas Jones (JR-180) of Llanfair is next in line among the leaves of this JONES surname family tree.

As you might expect, being number JR-180 means that there were 179 other folks examined before this Thomas was identified as the next branch! 

It was St. Asaph, created 1143 AD, that helped me get around this brick wall.  It seems that many family members were involved from the earliest days, including Llewelyn ap Ynyr (Leolinus de Bromfied) 1293 AD,  Davydd ap Bleddyn (Bletliyn) 1314 AD, John Trevor (I) 1352 AD, and John Trevor (II) 1395 AD. 

It was John Hanmer (Bishop of St. Asaph) 1576, and my Thomas Jones (JR-180) Chancellor of St. Asaph 1576, who made the connections to this branch come alive.  There is much recorded in my research notebooks that document this period of my JONES surname family tree.

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