Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cadwallader Jones (JT-143)

Born around 1650, Cadwallader Jones (JT-143) was the first of the family to grow up in Virginia.  His father, Richard Jones (JR-165) died very soon after his birth.  Raised by a step-father, poor Cadwallader had to pretty much make his own way in this world.  He has become a very controversial figure throughout many genealogist family trees, and is much confused in most discussions of his life. 

Over the years, I have collected just about every historical document pertaining to the record of his life.  The blog cadwalladerjones.blogspot.com gives this record, "document by document".  He has become my favorite great....great....grandfather.  The first record of his life is found in Volume II, Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 138.  This record begins November 5, 1673.  Check it out...it is a story worth telling.

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