Thursday, October 24, 2013

William Carter Jones (JZ-5)

W.C. was the name that he was called during my growing up years.  It was some twenty years before the W.C. was found to be William Carter.  He was born in Clark Co., KY (1826), and in the 1850 census found to be living with his father-in-law. [A problem to get straighten out among the Jones surname tree climbing!]  He with his wife, Elizabeth Isabell Adams, were the first of the family to have their picture taken.

Here they are.  Stern and serious looking they were.  It took a good while to find his burial place at the mouth of Red River, but here is a picture of his grave.   From the mountains of Wales to the mouth of Red River, that Y-chromosome did come.

My research can be found in RN #147.

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