Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Names : Welsh to English C-D

Our alphabetical series of Welsh names to English equivalents continues:

                                                       C - D
                               Welsh Name                 English Translation                                          

                                  Cadi                              Catherine
                                  Cadog                           Cadoc
                                  Cai                                Kay
                                  Caradog                       Caratacus
                                  Caswallon                    Cassivellaunus
                                  Catrin                           Catherine
                                  Catwg                           Cadoc
                                  Cesar                            Caesar
                                  Cynfelyn                      Cymbeline
                                  Cystennin                    Constantine
                                  Dafydd                         David
                                  Dai                               David
                                  Dei                               David
                                  Delo                             David
                                  Dewi                            David

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