Friday, February 25, 2011

Welsh Chronology - Part II

This is the second post on a chronological history by dates. On the most part, these dates have been selected based upon my genealogical research. They are not intended to be an all inclusive list, and represent my personal choice of events.

702 A.D. Cenred received the kingdom of Mercia. (Anglo-Saxon Chronicles)

704 A.D. Aethelred, son of Penda, who had been king of Mercia for twenty-nine years before Cenred, received monkshood. (Anglo-Saxon Chronicles)

Wat's Dyke most likely completed around this time period. An important landmark for
my JONES family genealogy.

754 A.D. Rhodri - King of the Britons- dies

755 A.D. Offa - King of Mercian Angles 755-796 A.D.

768 A.D. Easter was changed among the Britons- Celtic Church to Catholic Church calender

784 A.D. Offa - Devastated Britain - importation of Mercian setters to eastern part of Offa's Dyke

Offa's Dyke construction.

795 A.D. Pagans came to Ireland - start of Viking raids

822 A.D. Powys controlled by Saxons - fortress of Degannwy destroyed

Saxon townships bear English or Half-English names
field and farm nomenclature remain Welsh

850 A.D. "Black Gentiles" invade Wales -

853 A.D. island of Mon wasted by Vikings

855 A.D. Rhodri took Powys - Powys under control of Welsh

916 A.D. Anarawd ap Rhodri - King of Britons - dies

917 A.D. Hywel Dda - visitor to Saxon court

Edward the Elder establishes Saxon burh= fortified town at Rhuddlan

924 A.D. Edward the Elder died -

Athelstan brought Welsh princes to tribute at Hereford

945 A.D. Hywel Dda - Welsh Laws codified

949 A.D. Hywel Dda dies during Viking raid

950 A.D. - 1066 A.D. Welsh Civil War - internal struggles

1017 A.D. Llywellyn ap Seisyll sized the throne of Gwynedd

1037 A.D. Leofric, Earl of Merica - defeated at Welsh-pool

1039 A.D. Gruffydd ap Llwelyn becomes "High King" ruled Gwynedd and Powys

1055 A.D. Hereford burned

1056 A.D. Gruffydd ap Llywelyn - Kingship of All Wales
4 provinces = Dyfed (Demetia), Gwent, Gwynedd, and Powys

1063 A.D. Gruffydd ap Llywelyn killed at Snowdoia - 5 Aug 1063 A.D.

1066 A.D. Battle of Hastings!

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