Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welsh Chronology - Part I

In genealogy, a detailed chronology, a time line, is very helpful in understanding a family's story. A time line is also very helpful in understanding the history of a people. The following outline gives a rough chronology for the Welsh nation from its beginnings until just before the Norman invasion. The dates are combined from a number of sources and are roughly accurate plus or minus 5 years or so. [Dates varied between sources depending upon how their calender was kept.] So here goes:

429 A.D. last of legions sail from Britain-Cunedda comes from Manaw Gododdin (Antonie Wall)

446 A.D. appeal of Britons to Aetius

447 A.D. Welsh history started-"Days as dark as night" (Annales Cambriae)

449 A.D. King Vortigern - listed - PICTS WAR

Saxons "invited" to settle in Britain

470 A.D. "Welsh" term first used by Saxons (The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles)

473 A.D. Hengest/Aese - fought the Welsh - SAXON WARS

500 A.D. Cadwallon ap Einion ap Cunedd - begins Welsh Rulers

516-517 A.D. The "Battle of Badon"- Arthur

570 A.D. Saint Asaph - St. Asaph founded

597 A.D. St. Augustine sent to Britian - summon Celtic church to Catholic faith

603 A.D. Scots invade Northumbia

613 A.D. Battle of Chester - Northumbia invades

615 A.D. Bangor-Is-coed destroyed by Northumbian army

655 A.D. loss of Shropshire area to Mercians - Kings of Britain killed

664 A.D. Synod of Whitby - Roman Catholic Church Calender adopted in Wales

682 A.D. Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon died on trip to Rome

More to come!

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  1. Hi! I just found this blog today, thanks to Twitter. A couple/three years back, I learned that we have Welsh ancestry and for years have known that we have Jones roots, but just didn't know that Jones was Welsh until a few years back.

    I love reading and learning about an ancestry and a heritage that I didn't know until recently that I had, and I'm also hoping (and praying) that reading your blog can help me discover more about my Jones' roots!