Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Large Family

The "House of Hu Gardar" has been consider by the earliest of Welsh writers to be be the foundation of the Welsh nation. [Here, the term "house" meaning kindred, family, tribe, clan, etc., with the term "plant" being used in the Welsh.] According to "The Council of the Immortals", a family meeting was held, bringing all the kindred together. Besides Hu Gardar, the other important family members present were in order as record: 1)"Math fab Mathonwy the Enchanter" 2) "Tydain Tad Awen the Archdruid of the Gods" [Tad=father] 3)"Ceridwen Ren ferch Hu the Queen and Mother of the World" [ferch=daughter] 4)"the three disciples of Math: Gofannon and Amaethon and Gwydion, the three magnanimous Sons of Don" [Gofannon was the chief of the smiths] [Amaethon was chief of the husbandmen] [Gwydion was the chief of the bards "...he was unequaled, even among the Immortals, for laughter, and for narrating stories; and no subtlety of wisdom would ever be concealed from him."] 5) "Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel"[a sister to the disciples of Math listed above] "...who declares fates and destinies..." 6)"Don Ren herself" [no explanation for this immortal is given] 7)"The three Primitive Bards of the Island of the Mighty" 8) "the divine Disciples of Tad Awen"[the names which follow are "Plenydd Sunbright", and "Alawn with the Harp", and "Gwron Gawr the Hearterener of Heroes". I take it that these are the disciples of Tad Awen, but not sure.] 9) "Idris Gawr, the Marshal of the Stars" 10)"Einigan the Giant" 11)"Nefydd Naf Neifion, Prince of the Sea" 12)"Menu the Son of the Three Shouts" 13)"Mabon ab Modron" 14)"Modron Ren herself" 15)"Malen Ruddgoch Ren, the War-red War Queen". So there you have it. What a family! The reference for this post is: "The Fates of the Princes of Dyfed", by Cenydd Morus, Aryan Theosophical Press, London, 1914, pp.3-5.

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