Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tribes to Territories

The Celtic tribes to have settled the lands on this most western side of the island, are shown on the figure to the right. They had settled among the hills and mountains centuries before those Latin writing Romans started to arrive. Their general geographic distribution is shown. These Celtic tribes were the foundation of the Welsh tribes which came to be organized around their family's land. They are shown in the figure above. The Royal and Noble tribes of Wales are shown. Each tribe has recorded a detailed genealogy in the families' of Wales, and give a foundation to many present day Welsh families. These tribal groups help settle the mountains and hills into what became called "gwlad" or states. The earliest gwlad's are shown in the figure to the right. These were view as the basic "kingdoms" of the Welsh nation before 700 AD. Using these three maps, you can begin to study the regional difference from the Celtic tribes, to Welsh tribes, to the earliest kingdoms of Wales. Tribes to territories, what a way to go.

Two figures have been taken from The Jones Genealogist, first published 1989, Library of Congress No. 6192-01064476.

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  1. Great info for those of us with Welsh ancestry! Thanks.