Friday, April 15, 2011

Birth of a Nation

Divided by mountains, rivers, and the sea, it was their first two centuries [400 AD - 600 AD] that taught the Welsh a new speech and a new social order. After Rome pulled out, it was clear that the strongest organ of defence [thus survival] was the family unit. Building homes, rearing the young, weaving garments, and trading surpluses were all part of this life. Cattle became the key procession, tilling the earth became a key survival skill, and defending the home a key activity. To conquer the cold, the mountains, and the sea would soon convince all that survival was allowed by permission of this physical geography! Common descent, common language, and common culture melted these Celtic tribes into the Welsh. Authority and power were based in your descent, not in your political allegiance to a common elite. The kin-group shared a common great-grandfather, held land in common, was held responsible for offences of the family, and sought retribution in common for any grievances. Cherishing their differences and their Independence, the Welsh nation and tongue was born.

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