Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Early Welsh Documents (Part IV)

This continues a series of posts on Welsh documents that deal with Heraldic Collections, pedigrees, and genealogies of Welsh families prior to 1850s. The first three posts record mostly Welsh Pedigrees. The following references deal with a variety of topics dealing mostly with Welsh documents.

"Heraldic Visitations of Wales and part of the Marches, between 1586 and 1613, by Lewys Dwnn, ed. by Sir Samuel R. Meyrick; 2 vols. 4 to. Printed by the Welsh MSS. Society." [1st published 1846.]

"The Royal Families of England, Scotland, and Wales, with their Descendents, Sovereigns, and Subjects, by J. and J.B. Burke. 2 vols, Lond. 1847-51. 8 vo."

"An Account of the Princes of Wales, from the first institution till Prince Henry, by R. Connak. 8 vo. 1751"

"The Royal Tribes of Wales, by P. Yorke, Wrexham, 1799. 4vo."

"Names and Arms of the Ancient Nobility and Knights of England and Wales, temp. Henry III. See the 'Antiquarian Repertory', vol. i."

"Descents of many of the Nobility and Gentry of Wales; Brit. Mus. Harl. MS. 1975."

"Thomas's Collections for a 'Genealogical History of the Ancient Nobility and Gentry of Wales'; Brit. Mus. Harl. MSS. 6823; 6831; 6870."

"The Originals and Desents of the Nobility, Barony, and Gentry, in the Realme of England and Principality of Wales, by Richard Butcher, Gent.; fol. pap.; St. John's Coll.Camb. MSS. H.3; 4."

"Wales; Book of Funerals in North Wales, &c., A.D. 1600 and 1606; Brit. Mus. Harl. MS. 2041; Lansd. MS. 879."

"Monumental Inscriptions upon Archbishops and Bishops of England and Wales, collected by John Le Neve; Brit. Mus. Harl. MSS. 6407; 6414; 6416."

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