Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early Welsh Documents (Part VI)

Part six of a series of post that deal with the early documents of Wales. Taken from the text published in 1856 by Richard Sims titled: "A Manual For The Genealogist, Topographer, Antiquary, and Legal Professor".

"List of Lords Presidents of the Marches of Wales; Brit. Mus. Harl. MS. 368, f.181; Add. MS. 5485, f.210".

"List of Deputy Lieutenants and Commission Officers in England and Wales, as they were brought into the House of Peers, in Nov. 1680; All Souls' Coll. Oxf. MS. ccxxiii, f.1."

"List of Chamberlains and Justiciaries of North Wales; Brit. Jus. Lansd. MS. 1218, f.64; Add. MS. 5485, f. 204."

"Justices of Peace for Wales; Brit. Mus. Lansd. MSS. 35, art. 40; 737, f. 149 - Harl. MS. 1933."

"List of Sheriffs of Brecknockshire, 1539 - 1717; Brit. Mus. Harl. MS. 2289, f. 340."

"List of Bayliffs, Recorders, and Alderman of Brecknock, 1556 - 1715; Brit. Mus. Harl. MS. 2289, f. 344."

"Names of Justices of the Peace in Co. Cardigan, Carmarthen, and Pembroke, 1587; Brit. Mus. Lansd. MS. 53, art. 87."

"Names of the Sheriffs of Denbigh, from 1541 to 1682; Brit. Mus. Harl. MS. 2122, art. 32."

"List of High Sheriffs of Monmouth, 1647 - 1653; Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 5832, f.181."

"Survey of the Cathedral Church of Bangor; Jesus Coll. Oxf. MS. cxvi."

"Surveys of the Cathedral Churches of Bangor, Llandaff, St.Asaph, and St. David's, by Browne Willis, were printed at London in the years 1721, 1718, 1720, and 1717, in 8 vo."

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  1. This is a highly useful listing. Thank you. Even more useful for the scattered Welshmen abroad would be links to the information online. We realize all documents haven't been digitized or mayhap even indexed, but surely some have.

    Happy Dae·