Monday, January 9, 2012

The "Y" of It!

The lineage of Tudor Trevor (JC-1) is given in great detail in Nicholas, Vol. I, pp. 354-356. It is recorded here that he (JC-1) took this name because he was born and nursed at Trefor. [b. ca. 900 AD] His title is given as "Lord of Hereford, Whittington, and both Maelors, and founder of the Tribe of the Marches"...[Nicholas, p. 354] The drawing to the right is my attempt to put this geographic area into some sort of visual picture. The small settlement of Trevor (Trefor) is just east of Llangollen in the valley of the Dee. The relationship to Wrexham and Oswestry is shown giving the picture of two large "Ys" connected. Whittington is just east of Oswestry. Offa's and Wat's dykes run right down the middle. Ruthin to the northwest is near Llanfair Dyffyn Clwyd [summer home called Llwyn-ynn], and Wrexham to the northeast is the location of the winter home also called Llwyn Onn. The River Dee flows just south of Trevor, and as discussed this was a strategic land bridge between the Serven and Dee. Chirk Castle played an important role in the control of this door way to north Wales. Oswestry was to feel the flames of wars for many generations... the why of it.

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