Friday, January 18, 2013

Gruffydd (JJ-1)

The next in line is Gruffydd (JJ-1).  This would be Griffith in the English. [dd = th ]  He is also identified as of Llwyn-Onn. 

His wife is recorded as of the last line of the "Prince of Powys".  Margaret (JJ-2) is her name.  The name Margaret becomes one of the most common names among my JONES family.  The next figure place some historical context to this period ca. 1170 - 1180 AD.

Gruffydd (JJ-1) would be born around 1150 AD.  He is shown as the son of Iorwerth fychan (JI-1), and the next in line is given.  A dating method is shown lower right for the generations "J", "K", and "L".  It is a sliding scale over lapping at 50 year intervals.  The name Gryffydd "Griffith" becomes one of those Welsh surnames yet to come.

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