Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iorwerth (JK-1)

The name "Iorwerth" seems to be picked up by the family around this time in history. [It is the Welsh transliterated into English as Edward.]  He is again recorded as of "Llwyn-Onn".  His wife's name was given as Anne.

The genealogy as recorded by Nicholas demonstrates how Welsh names need to be understood as most likely intended.  The following figure shows the use of the name Iorwerth over three generations.

The grandfather of "Iorwerth" (JK-1) was named "Iorwerth fychan" (JI-1).  Many genealogist use the Welsh term "fychan" to mean "junior" [as the son of...etc..].   In the Welsh of this period it was used to mean "the smaller" or "the younger".  It does not mean that Iorwerth fychan (JI-1) was the son of a Iorwerth [His father was Jeuaf (JH-1).]  It would mean that there was another by the name Iorwerth in the area (or family), and that Iorwerth fychan (JI-1) was the smaller or younger of the two by that name.  Welsh adjectives were often incorporated into the name to separate folks from one another.

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