Sunday, August 25, 2013

Griffin Jones, Jr. (JW-81)

Griffin Jones, Jr. (JW-81) was born and raised in Caroline Co., VA.   This was along the waters of Peumansend Creek where his father [Griffin Sr. (JV-162)], grandfather [John (JU-145)], and great grandfather [Cadwallader (JT-143)] had resided since Cadwallader (JT-143) had settled the area beginning 1673.

The court records of Caroline Co. continues to record some of Griffin's activities beginning 1756.  He became involved in a fairly lengthy case which came to the Virginia assembly to get settled. [See: Laws of Virginia, Oct. 1778-3d of Commonwealth, Chap. XXXIV, beginning p. 573]  The family had all that Welsh fighting blood which seemed to get them in all kinds of trouble.

My research into Griffin Jones, Jr. (JW-89) can be found in RN #146.  This series of research notebooks can be seen at  They can be searched using the "search this blog" space on the page.

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