Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Griffin Jones, Senr. (JV-162)

The next Jones grandfather in the family tree was Griffin Jones, Senr. (JV-162).  The family had already been in the same geographic area since 1673, but the names of the counties had changed several times.  It was now Caroline County; formed 1728 out parts of Essex Co. [also parts of King and Queen and King William Co.s], which was formed 1692 out of (Old) Rappahannock Co., which was formed out of Lancaster Co. in 1656.  Lancaster Co. was formed 1651 out of Northumberland and York Co.s .  Northumberland was founded 1648 as a hideout for those folks from England who had been run out of the homeland at the close of the English Civil War. [ 1642 - 1649].  My Richard Jones (JS-165) was the first to land 1648.

Well here is Griffin, Sr.! (JV-162)

He is found the court order books of Caroline Co. beginning 1736.  Like most of us in the family, trouble seemed to be around every corner.  It took more than 20 years to tract this fellow down...you rascal you... but 162 fellows later I finally got you.

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