Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Hills, The Hills

An outline of the land has been given, showing the ocean on three sides. An outline of the rivers has been given, showing the headwaters and flow of the major waterways. The following map shows the hills above 600 feet. Now just imagine, if you came ashore at any point along this coast, you would start climbing fairly quickly. There was some farm land at the extreme northwest and southwest. A small island resided off the coast to the north, which over the years became known as the "bread basket" of Wales. The southwest offered land that was often challenged for control by those who lived across the Irish sea. The eastern boarder along the Severn gave some relief to the hills, and the small land bridge between the Dee and Severn gave access to the hills. A fairly narrow coast line outlines the county. Unto these hills came my family many generations ago.

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