Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Land, The Land

Welsh genealogy really begins with the land. Understanding the land; its boarders, its heights, its valleys, its rivers, its streams, its topography, is starting to understand the heart of Wales.

The map to the right shows an outline of my JONES family's land. It is approximately 150 miles, north to south, and 90 miles east to west. It is surrounded by ocean on three sides which supplied much of the food for many generations. The major rivers are draw showing a watery boarder on the east side. There is a narrow strip of land between the two major waterways on the eastern side, giving a land bridge access to the interior. You can imagine how animal migration would have been funneled into this area, especially those critters seeking salt and water which was common among the limestone formations to the west. The human element would be close behind, following the animal herds.

The northwest and southwest extensions (peninsulas) were the closest by water to the next land mass. [To become Ireland!] This watery highway provided continual access between the two islands, which was to have a direct impact on the genealogies of these areas. More to come.

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