Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tribes, The Tribes

Before the Romans arrived, there were Celtic tribal groups that had settled the land and made their homes among the hills, and mountains. Of course, these tribal groups were given their name by the Romans who were the first to record their history on the written page. The map to the right is my attempt to show the names of these Celtic tribes, and their approximate geographic distribution. The boundaries of these groups were certainly fluid, and I imagine they moved about between the warring families. The Cornavii and Dobuni received the most influence from the Romans, having their land occupied. The Ordovices and Venedotae remained at war with the Romans and maintained some of their Independence.

The "Chronicle of Ystrad Fflur" states:

49 "In this year the Romans first fell on the men of the Deceangli"

52 "In this year Caradog was defeated and taken to Rome in chains"

61 "In this year the men of the Silures broke the Second Legion"

75 "In this year the Romans crossed the water to destroy the sacred
groves of the religion"

78 "In this year Julius Agricola defeated the Ordovices"

These tribal groups were the foundation for much of the Y-chromosomes yet to come.

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  1. The Chronicle of Ystrad Fflur was written by the Welsh many years later than the events they record. This document can be studied at